Core values: Integrity, innovation, passion, responsibility

Integrity: unity of knowledge and practice, stop at the best

Share common burden, dare to do, punctuality and trustworthiness, mutual respect and trust

Abide by professional ethics, know how to be grateful, be kind to others, not be affected by interests and pressure, accurately express their views through the right way, do not make comments that are not conducive to team building and development, objectively reflect problems, and have corresponding solutions.

Innovation: The pursuit of excellence

Courage to innovate, courage to explore, courage to develop, courage to practice

Constantly improve the enterprise management system, optimize the industrial structure, optimize product technology, improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise, and make a breakthrough in performance, and constantly pursue higher goals to ensure that the enterprise has the driving force for sustainable development.

Passion: positive, studious

Love the motherland, love work, love life, love sports

Comprehensively establish the learning enterprise development strategy planning, improve the training system construction, deepen the promotion system reform, cultivate the excellent talent team, so that the competent, the best award, the mediocre, the poor elimination, actively share business knowledge and experience, with positive energy to influence and drive the team and colleagues.

Responsibility: Adhere to principles, results oriented

Responsible for the enterprise, responsible for the team, responsible for the work, responsible for the society

Team cooperation, concentric efforts, learn from each other, establish system, implement standards, follow procedures, implement plans, find problems and timely feedback and revise the system, the company's interests above personal interests.

Corporate vision

To be a century-old company that can continue to grow and give back to society

Enterprise mission

Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees

Enterprise purpose

Keep improving, keep innovating