• Developer, designer and manufacturer of pressure vessels and carbon fibre products.
  • For hot press curing moulding of non-metallic matrix composite products.
  • Specialising in the manufacture of first, second and third type pressure vessels.
  • Glass kettles, vulcanising tanks, timber kettles, hot press tanks, autoclaves, automatic vapour distribution.
  • We are committed to building a high-end industry that combines design, R&D, manufacturing and application of composite lightweight technology.

Developer, designer and manufacturer of pressure vessels and carbon fibre products.

The company holds Class D Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Licence, Class B Boiler Manufacturing Licence issued by AQSIQ, ASME standard "U" (Pressure Vessel), "S" (Power Boiler) licensing steel seal, NB certification in the United States, CE certification in the European Union, CRN certification in Canada, and fully passed the CCS classification society ISO9001 quality system certification. Canada CRN certification, and fully through the CCS Classification Society ISO9001 quality system certification, with a number of high-quality state-authorised inventions. Over the years, the company has been rated as a high-tech enterprise, an engineering technology research enterprise for the deep use of energy, a provincial private science and technology enterprise, a provincial medium-sized science and technology enterprise, and an enterprise that honours contracts and keeps promises.

At present, the company's main products are pressure vessels, mainly including towers, reactors, heat exchangers, storage tanks, hot press tanks (carbon fibre kettles), autoclaves, glass kettles, vulcanization tanks, wood impregnation tanks, and a number of customized containers, etc., and at the same time, we provide a full set of design and moulding of carbon fibre products and production services. Our products are mainly exported to dozens of countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Sweden, New Zealand, Malaysia, Iran, India, Ghana, Chile, Thailand, Turkey, Nigeria and so on.










Type I, II, III Pressure Vessels & Lightweight Carbon Fibre Products.