Marketing concept

Constantly meet user needs

Business philosophy

Honest, pragmatic and pioneering

Product design concept

Safe, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection

Service concept

Meet the requirements of users, obey the management of enterprises, and safeguard the interests of enterprises

Concept of competition

Competition in a narrow sense is competition, competition in a broad sense is cooperation, the real opponent is himself, 

and the effective law is innovation

Management concept


Purchasing concept

Quality as the principle, careful budgeting to reduce costs, do everything possible to account for benefits

Personnel concept

Talent is use-oriented, suitable even if the talent, there is a talent, not good, but the talent is suitable

Work style

Work seriously, meticulous; Pay attention to efficiency, vigorous; Modest and prudent, loyal to duty; Studious, proficient business;

Observe discipline and strictly keep confidential; Respect colleagues, unity and cooperation; Hard work, down to earth; Be 

innovative and take the overall situation into account.

Ten Commandments of shop floor management

First, it is strictly prohibited to neglect the deployment

Second,It is strictly forbidden to exaggerate difficulties before doing things

Third, it is strictly forbidden to cover up subordinates and be a good man

Fourth, it is strictly prohibited to engage in small groups and factional struggles

Five, it is strictly prohibited to face one set, behind the other

Six,It is strictly forbidden to complain without mentioning methods

Seven,It is strictly forbidden to seek no progress and not to learn

Eight,It is strictly forbidden not to make progress and not to learn

Nine, it is strictly prohibited to have a weak cost consciousness and waste at will

Ten, It is strictly forbidden to be too casual and impolite to superiors


Production department in strict accordance with the specifications, standards, production drawings, operation instructions

 for manufacturing, quality inspection department in strict accordance with the inspection process layer by layer, never let go 

of a quality defect.