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Carbon fiber is the material basis of the modern aerospace industry and is irreplaceable. The application of carbon fiber composite materials in spacecraft has become more and more mature, and it is an indispensable key material to achieve lightweight, miniaturization and high performance of spacecraft. The characteristics of carbon fiber light and high strength are widely used in military helicopters, fighter jets and drones, as well as the main wing tail, brake pads and skin and other parts, played a significant role in weight reduction, and the current application of carbon fiber materials in military aircraft from the non-bearing, sub-bearing structure to the direction of the main bearing structure, the coverage is also growing.

At present, OLYMSPAN has developed a series of products such as carbon fiber phenolic heat resistant composite materials, high strength and high toughness carbon fiber epoxy composite materials, high temperature resistant carbon fiber composite materials, which are mainly used for non-stressed parts of aircraft, such as rudder, spoiler, fairing, horizontal tail, vertical tail, wing, nose, fuselage and so on.