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Jiangsu Olinspang Composite Materials Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2018, is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Olinspang Equipment Technology Co., LTD. (stock code 873647). Olinspang Composites Co., Ltd. is committed to the field of carbon fiber new material products, with a total of more than 4,000 square meters of dust-free clean workshop, is an innovation-driven enterprise integrating research and development, design, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of various carbon fiber pipes, plates, various shaped parts, carbon fiber molding, vacuum molding products, products cover a wide range of industry fields. At present, it has provided related supporting products and services for rail transit, automobile modification parts, military aerospace, medical equipment, profile products and other fields. The company focuses on the use of high-precision autoclave molding process in composite products, and has achieved good development trend.

Olinspang composite workshop has a perfect carbon fiber products management team, from technology research and development to feasible solutions, from raw material selection to process molding, from sample trial production to open mold mass production, a series of product development and production are controlled by professional talents and strict and orderly process management. The autoclave developed and produced by Olinspong is the key equipment for high temperature curing molding of composite materials (carbon fiber/resin aramong/resin, etc.) structural parts. The company has complete and mature technology, advanced and reliable equipment, professional talent echelon and strict and orderly management.

Olinspang firmly believes in the corporate mission of "creating value for customers and creating opportunities for employees", adheres to the corporate purpose of "excellence, integrity and innovation", deepens the field of high-tech lightweight new materials, continues to make efforts, and accelerates the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and enhances the core competitiveness through a series of measures such as differentiated competition, customized upgrading, intelligent application and digital strategy. We are dedicated to provide new and old customers with better products and services, and become a century-old enterprise that can continue to develop and give back to society.